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Reconfigurable structures

Welcome to the research website of the Reconfigurable & Active Structures Lab

Our research investigates the coupling between shape and function to create multi-functional reconfigurable structures.

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About Us

The Reconfigurable & Active Structures Lab investigates structures that do more than carry loads. We study the connection between a structure’s performance and form allowing us to change geometry, mechanics, and multi-physics response (e.g. electromagnetic, self-sensing, optical) of a structure. The ultimate goal is the realization of reconfigurable spacecraft structures and scientific instruments with on-demand performance, helping reduce weight and energy use.


Want to join the Reconfigurable & Active Structures Lab? Students at all levels are encouraged to contact We are especially looking for students with experience and interest in composite materials, solid mechanics, smart material and multi-disciplinary engineering. 

Students interested in the PhD and Masters program will need to apply through the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford University.